Our process will make you win at software development

Its true, the right software can change everything for your business. It can help drive innovation and growth, and enable you to make smarter decisions with your company's data.

Our process centers around communication and consistent iteration.

Getting Started

Discovery & User Interviews



Ex: Customer



Ex: Sort and filter products in a catalog



Ex: Allow customers to find products based on matching their existing criteria to our product.

What this looks like

  • We kickoff with clarifying project goals, gathering assets, and setting up our regular check-in meetings.
  • Performing stakeholder and user interviews is key to learning everything we can about pain points being solved, your business, and your needs.
  • From that information we create user personas and user stories to define how end users will interact with the application and which features are needed.
  • The user stories start our product backlog and get us rolling on our Agile Development sprint cycles.

Agile Development

Design & Development

Our design and development processes are grounded in technology and user experience. Design and development work together to meet the needs of the user and business with applications that are easy to use and performant.

Project Management

We keep you in the loop with options for updates on a daily/weekly/bi-weekly basis. We meet regularly via video and collaborate using product boards so that you always know where we are at in the process. We’re flexible, the tools and technology can be yours or ours.

“They arrived at solutions we hadn't considered. They explain everything they are doing in understandable detail, and they keep everything on schedule and on track. Most of all, they are genuinely curious and excited about blockchain -- a pleasure to work with in every respect.”



Regular Releases

Software updates released at the end of every sprint.


You get to see regular demonstrations of working prototypes and updates and give us feedback that helps keep the project moving forward.

Incorporating Feedback

We incorporate your real-time feedback and adapt the product to better serve the user.

Meeting Deadlines

Our transparent process makes sure that you know exactly where we are in the project schedule, and we do our best to deliver products on time.

We actively invest in the continuous improvement of our product development processes. In order to improve our communication, transparency and reliability both within our teams and with our clients, our managers have completed various Scrum training and certification programs. By adopting the Scrum framework and tools, our teams deliver quality software faster and more efficiently for our clients.

Zoe Koulouris Augustinos

Certified Product Owner

I put my life into my work. Working with a scrum team is the most rewarding job I do. As a team, we are building an application that is critical to our client. Our client sees results week-by-week. It's real cool.

Peter Smith

Certified Scrum Master

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